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In with the New, but Keep the Old!

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Let’s talk about Social Media, shall we?

The EXPLOSIVE, astronomical rise of Social Media and online marketing is undeniable. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that traditional methods of marketing offline are TOTALLY outdated.

It just means that businesses now have new and innovative ways to reach customers. WISE marketers will take advantage of the opportunity to use it ALL marketing avenues to their advantage.

The reality is, that even though traditional forms of advertising have steeply declined, they DO still have their place in the marketing arena. The thing about it is, traditional offline media, by itself, is simply NOT enough to stay relevant anymore, in the digital age of marketing.

Today is a NEW DAY and it is now a matter of working out for your brand, how to use a COMBINATION of BOTH offline and online methods in your marketing mix. You want to be sure that you are taking advantage of the current, modern marketing opportunities available, and making the best of BOTH worlds.

So here’s my advice on how to create a winning combination for POWERFUL Brand Recognition:

Whatever you are currently doing, you NEED to ALSO make a point to complement it with an online presence in Social Media as well. This is where people’s attention is fixated. Adding Social Media into your marketing strategy also makes your offline marketing more effective, because people are then going to be seeing you EVERYWHERE — both online AND offline. THAT’S the way to win!

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